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We use the Universal Waite Deck, illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith, or another RWS system-based deck.
Depending on the service we may also use Carol Herzer's Chakra Arcana Tarot.

tarot cards

There are many ways to approach the story of our lifetime on this planet. Tarot draws from a deep well, using archetype, cycles of internal and collaborative growth, narrative, imagery, collective consciousness, spiritual lineage and personal intuition to illuminate our circumstances and choices. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to reconnect you with your divine inner wisdom.

chakra colors

In my practice we work together to nourish your own alignment with source energy and support your richest interaction with this thing called life! We take a sacred pause and listen in the midst of our chaotic modern experience. We honor the teachings of dark and light. We refresh, gain perspective and reinvigorate, using the ancient wisdom of the cards to evolve towards your highest potential.

Happy woman

You deserve your best, most passionate life: let’s connect you with your personal roadmap!

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