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"Find out who you are, then do it on purpose" - Dolly Parton


I have spent my life as a storyteller. I grew up in a converted Chapel in a tiny hamlet on the Cornish coast. My playground was the beach, the cliffs and my imagination. My playmates were animals, trees, fairies and puppets. Really, I lived inside a tarot deck! At a young age I became involved in film and theatre and the magic of that kind of storytelling propelled my life path. As an actor I followed my own yellow brick road to live in London, New York and currently Los Angeles. In my twenties I picked up a tarot deck and lived in it for a year or two. At that time, although I knew its deep potential for greater good, I could only relate to it subjectively. As life continued to unfold, there came of course a deeper need for balance, responsibility, agency, awareness, boundaries and community. I discovered essential healing myself through the twelve steps, which work began to deeply connect to tarot for me, particularly through the major and minor arcana lessons and stages and its inherent spirituality. Tarot’s elemental organization led me back to body and chakra work and all these tools combine together to provide the foundation of my current tarot reading practice. Having gradually established a practice of community support among fellow artists, healers and travelers, it has been a natural progression to now read tarot for a larger community with the purpose of empowering querents with a deeper connection to their own alignment. Contact me for support in your journey ~ Cerris



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Self tape studio
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